Other projects of the Lifelong Learning Program:

mealModifying eating attitudes and actions through learning: MEAL


The objective of MEAL is to develop a pedagogical tool aimed at helping teachers and nutritionists (students and professionals alike) to acquire, train, promote and deliver basic NE and healthy eating behaviour competencies to children.



MISTELAMinimally invasive surgical pedagogical model based on video technology enhanced learning: MISTELA


The project's main aim is to establish a joint initiative in the development of a EU MIS pedagogical framework. It will comply with the specific learning needs of surgical professionals in order to enhance their competence on MIS skills. It will account for the necessary means to enable formal, non-formal and informal learning. A common MIS learning programme will also guarantee the essential accreditation standards at a EU level and facilitate professionals’ mobility within the Union. A practical implementation of the model will be done. A Technology Enhanced Learning environment will be developed, providing collaborative context for MIS initial and lifelong learning, based on shareable, community-developed MIS video repositories. Collaborative and meaningful learning will be enhanced by an existing video-based authoring tool developed by members of the consortium, available for use by the community.



logo lapformOnline Vocational Training course on laparoscopy's ergonomics for surgeons and laparoscopic instruments' designers: LAPFORM


The main objective of the LapForm project is the development of the contents and the implementation of an online course to assure surgeons and instruments designers a worthy education and training along their professional career regarding ergonomics applied to laparoscopy, matching product innovation with the needs of laparoscopic surgeons and the latter with their working environment. The e-learning tool resulting from the project will be available online in 4 European languages (English, Spanish, Polish and German) in order to increase acceptance of the course.

The general objective will be achieved through the achievements of the following partial objectives:

  • Definition of the formative needs in matter of the target groups across Europe, and definition of VET Training curriculum.
  • Development of the formative contents satisfying the needs.

In general, the contents will include knowledge related to ergonomics training and laparoscopic surgery, in order to train Laparoscopic surgeons and Instruments designers.