Work Packages

WP1 – Project Management

The objective of this WP is thus to coordinate the project activities and to ensure the smooth execution of the project. Its development will ensure a high quality management level throughout the duration of the project.

WP2 – Project Quality Assurance

The aim is to guarantee a high level of quality both in the coordination and management of the project, as well as in its individual deliverables and results. The project will take as a guideline the principles and quality indicators related to EFQM. A Quality Manager will be the main responsible for this WP and will assist the WP Leader.

WP3 – Gathering KTS serious game requirements

This work package aims to extract and gather actual and current needs in the field of e-learning psychomotor skills training through serious gaming in minimally invasive surgery. These needs will lead to the corresponding user and technical requirements for the serious game development.

WP4 – KTS serious game architecture definition

WP4 aims to conceptually define the KTS serious game for surgical training that will meet the training needs previously detected in WP3. This definition includes the definition of:

  • Learning objectives
  • Modules to be included in the serious game
  • Evaluation and assessment methods

WP5 – KTS serious game development

WP5 aims to develop the KTS serious game and supporting material based on the output of WP4 through a double innovation loop. 1st innovation loop (T5.1 and T5.2) result in a 1st prototype (test release) of the KTS serious game. Then a testing cycle starts (internal technological validation) aiming to detect initial implementation errors (T5.3). The 2nd innovation loop begins with T5.4 and finishes with the validation in WP6.

WP6 – Validation and testing

WP6 aims to determine proof and feedback on whether this e-Learning surgical psychomotor skills’ training system will allow medial students and (novel) surgeons to train. It also aims to propose improvements to maximize the adequacy of the serious game to satisfy the needs detected in WP3.

WP7 – Dissemination

The objective is communicating, sharing and disseminating the project results and making them accessible to a wide range of stakeholders within and beyond the countries that participate in the project.

WP8 – Exploitation

The objective is to develop and launch a plan and step wise approach for exploitation of the results in the long term, both by the project partners on individual level as well as by the consortium as a whole.